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Fujikura Ultrasonic Fiber Optic Cleaner

USC-01A Ultrasonic Fiber Optic Cleaner

The Fujikura ultrasonic cleaner model USC-01A provides a simple and cost effective method for cleaning optical fibers when high strength fusion splices are required. This ultrasonic cleaner readily accepts the fiber holders used with the 45 and 100 models. The high frequency ultrasonic action cleans debris and coating residue without damaging the exposed cladding and a built-in timer assures that the required cleaning time is consistently used for all fibers processed. This cleaner, when used in conjunction with high strength stripping and cleaving accessories, produces outstanding results for the most demanding high strength applications.


• Built-in timer assures correct cleaning time
• High intensity vibratory cleaning action
• Adjustment knob allows fine-tuning of fiber submersion depth
• Alcohol bath lid prevents cleaning fluid evaporation when machine is idle