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NYFORS AutoCleaver LDF Fiber Optic Cleaver

NYFORS AutoCleaver LDF

The AutoCleaverLDF is a high precision fiber cleaver, designed for cleaving of Large
Diameter Fibers. It provides outstanding cleaving performance for large diameter fibers from 250μm up to 1200μm in diameter. It also supports cleaving of fibers as small as 125μm. The unique and patent-pending cleaving process generates typical cleave angles of less than 0.5 degrees with LDF fibers.

The AutoCleaverLDF can be configured for use with the Fujikura 45 and 100 series fusion splicers and therefore supports splicing operations with large diameter fibers. The cleaved fiber is transferred from the cleaver to the Fujikura splicer using a standard Fujikura fiber holder. The built in Microprocessor controls all vital parameters and settings, such as fiber alignment, clamping, tension and the exact position and speed of the diamond blade. This control of sensitive parameters guarantees a high cleaving repeatability and accuracy. During cleaving, the fiber coating is clamped by a touch-operated tension clamp. The clamp is quickly interchangeable based on the fiber coating diameter. A v-groove clamping block and a fiber height adjuster are selected based upon the diameter of the fiber cladding. The fiber coating tension clamp as well as the V-groove clamp block and height adjuster work together as a fiber handling kit to ensure optimum cleaving performance for a particular fiber. These parts may be selected at the time of cleaver purchase from the selection guide matrix. Other sets are easily exchanged by the operator to set the cleaver up for another fiber size. The AutoCleaverLDF also accepts the use of Nyfors fiber holders in place of the tension clamps normally used for coating clamping. This provides versatile use of the cleaver for operations when splicing is not required. The cleaver is designed to generate minimum amounts of fiber waste, typically less than 20mm. An automatic waste disposal system removes any hazardous fiber scraps. The cleaver can be connected to an external PC that gives access to all programmable parameters and settings.

The AutoCleaverLDF comes in a small bench top design. It has been designed to easily permit recessed mounting for ergonomic workbench operations in a production environment and is therefore ready to be integrated into different subsystems.


• Fully Automatic
• Low Cleave Angles of < 0.5°
• Very flat end faces
• Operator independent
• Designed for production and laboratory environments
• Automatic scrap fiber collection
• Long diamond life
• PC controllable
• Adaptable for fiber holders of the Fujikura 45 and 100 series fusion splicers