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AFL High Strength Fiber Prep Kit

High Strength Fiber Prep Kit



To complement the line of world class splicing systems, the PowerCleave high-strength cleaver combines the precision of an ultrasonic cleaver with the ease and improved fiber management of the Fujikura fiber holder system. The PowerCleave's tensile cleaving method includes a tension clamping system and a diamond-tipped ultrasonic blade, allowing for consistently flat ends even at cleave lengths as short as 3mm. Specially designed for the 45 and 100 series fiber holders, this advanced fiber management system allows for more reliability and greater splicing consistency with less dependence on operator technique.


AFL PowerStrip is a thermal stripper used in high strength splicing. Using the proven blade and centering design of the Schleuniger FiberStrip 7030 in addition to the fiber holder system, the AFL PowerStrip automatically centers the fiber, heats the buffer or coating, and strips the buffer at a controlled rate with perfect alignment. The fiber holder system reduces fiber handling, making this tool ideal for any production environment.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Fujikura ultrasonic cleaner model USC-01A provides a simple and cost effective method for cleaning optical fibers when high strength fusion splices are required. This ultrasonic cleaner readily accepts the fiber holders used with the 45 and 100 series. The high frequency ultrasonic action cleans debris and coating residue without damaging the exposed cladding and a built-in timer assures that the required cleaning time is consistently used for all fibers processed. This cleaner, when used in conjunction with high strength stripping and cleaving accessories, produces outstanding results for the most demanding high strength applications.