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Fiber Optic Hot Jacket Stripper

Hot Jacket Stripper

The HJS-02, HJS-03 and HJS-03-24 hot jacket strippers provide superior ribbon and field-ribbonized stripping performance. They conserve power for field stripping when operating under battery power. A temperature selection switch is also provided for easy optimization in the field for different fibers or operating conditions. An optional single-fiber adapter may be used to provide easy single-fiber capability for difficult-to-strip fibers. These strippers also accept the fiber holders of the 40/45/100 series factory/lab splicers. The HJS-03 is a battery powered hot jacket stripper specifically designed for use with the SpliceMate fusion splicer but it can be used in other applications. The HJS-03-24 hot jacket stripper is designed for smooth and controlled stripping of 24-fiber ribbon.