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NYFORS ProofTester Fiber Optic Strength Tester

NYFORS ProofTester

The ProofTester is a compact and lightweight instrument ideal for strength testing of optical fibers up to 30 N. The ProofTester is developed to meet all types of applications where a strength test has to be performed. The ProofTester is designed with the user in mind. The fibers are easily placed in the correct position by guided linear clamps, and with a "One Touch" go button, the testing starts automatically. The built-in microprocessor controls all the important parameters such as pulling force, pull speed and hold time. This allows for a completely controlled test every time. The ProofTester can be connected to an external PC, which enables access to all programmable parameters and settings. The ProofTester is adapted for stand alone use or to be integrated in different subsystems.


• Fully automatic
• High pulling force
• Easy to operate
• Compact size
• PC controlled